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Frozen Debris Lobes

Looming over Alaska's most economically important highway


  • Margaret M. Darrow

    Female scientist on slope among fallen spruce trees with dirt road in background down below

    Dr. Margaret Darrow is the Principal Investigator of several FDL research projects. She focuses on the frozen debris lobe morphology, movement rates, geotechnical characteristics, and slope stability considerations.

  • Ronald P. Daanen

    R. Daanen

    Dr. Ronald Daanen rediscovered frozen debris lobes in 2007 after their first recognition by Hamilton in 1978. He is a Dutch cold climate hydrologist, working on hydrology, permafrost and vadose zone physical, chemical, and biological processes. He employs his expertise to understand the surface and groundwater flow on the FDLs, as well as their overall movement characteristics.

Photo of Margaret Darrow courtesy of G. Matyshak.
Image below: Margaret Darrow and Ronald Daanen measure surface movement of FDL-7 with a differential GPS unit. UAF Photo by Todd Paris.